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Medicating Your Pets

At Kitty Kompay we want everyone to understand that we care deeply for all animals. While your pet(s) are in our care we will do whatever is necessary to care for them the same way you do.

If your pet(s) require medication we will fill out out a medication form that you must sign and date. This medication form needs to be kept up to date at all times. If there are any changes to the medications or the pet that is to receive medications it i the responsibility of the pet parent to notify us.

If you are hiring Kitty Kompany to care for a pet(s) that have health issues we will ask you a number of additional questions when doing your consultation. It is IMPERATIVE that the client be very transparent about their pet's current health issues. We will also discuss the fees regarding extended hours required to care for your pet. These costs could be incurred by additional time being spent to treat your pet, due to their reluctance to be handled by a stranger. Other services including time spent on the phone or texting with the pet parent or veterinarians, transporting pets to their vet, and observation time required will all be charged in 15 minute intervals or 1 hour intervals, whichever is more economical for the client. Please note that all quotes that are initially given are for pet(s) that do not require medications. A breakdown of all additional time spent will be provided to you in the form of a final invoice.

We ask that you kindly respond to any communication that we have with you. This way we do know that you have read/ heard our messages, or e-mails pertaining to your pets health. We understand you are on vacation, but there is NOTHING worse for us than when a client's pet falls ill while they are away. Communication is key and pulling together to make sure you come home to a healthy happy pet.

We do NOT skip medications, so please do not ask us to do so. If it is a non life threatening illness, we would discuss this with you first. An illness like heart disease, diabetes, thyroid, kidney disease, (to name a few), that require medication to keep them healthy and happy must get into their system even if it takes extra time.

Unfortunately, there are pet parents out there that do not understand that we want what is best for your pets as much as you do. I'm sure if you are reading this you are not one of them. In order for us to continue offering medication services it is imperative that we are an open book with our clients about what this looks like, and in turn that our client are the same with us. Over 80% of pet sitters no longer provide medicating services due to miscommunication from the pet parent, or reluctance to pay bills at the end of the sit.

*** PLEASE NOTE *** If your pet will not allow us to pill them, or refuse a shot they will be transported to your vet and you will be notified. If your vet will not take them then they will be transported to the closest emergency clinic, all fees being paid by the client. ***

*** PLEASE NOTE *** ALL clients must leave a credit card on file either with Kitty Kompany OR their vet clinic***

***Lastly, all clients must fill out an extensive Veterinarian Release form that needs to be signed and dated BEFORE leaving on your vacation. A vet release is required for us to be able to take your pet to the vet and have them care for your pet. They have the right to refuse care if we do not provide said form.