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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question?  We have tried to answer most of them here.  If you do not see what you are looking for please feel free to call or email!
 Long time client Jeckyl loves to keep up to date with Kitty Kompany!
When was Kitty Kompany Established?

Kitty Kompany was established in May 2001.  We have been caring for pets for 21 years and our experience is extensive. We have been awarded both the Douglas College Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Chamber of Commerce "Best Home Based Business" award.

What Areas does Kitty Kompany Service?

We are currently provide care for pets and homes in Surrey, Delta, White Rock, Cloverdale, and limited areas of Langley.  (Hoping to expand further here soon).   We also provide care in New Westminster, South Burnaby and part of Coquitlam.  Service will continue in these three areas until Jan 30/2023.  Existing clients as of this time will not be effected by our change.  Please call if you are unsure if you fall into our service area. 

What type of pets does Kitty Kompany care for?

We currently care for: cats, birds, bunnies, fish, geckos, guinea pigs, chinchillas hamsters, mice, rats, frogs, turtles and more.  Unfortunately at this time, we do not do any dog walking, or sitting, as we are too busy visiting homes.

How much Notice does Kitty Kompany Require to book?

During peak periods, May 1 - Sept 30, we require a minimum of 1 week's notice for standard pet care, and two weeks notice for medications.  The same is for the period of December 5 - January 6th.  We will do our best to fit you in when we are available, however during the dates mentioned there is a late booking fee of $25. 

Is there an additional fee for stat holidays?

All stat holidays are charged at time and a half.  Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year's Day are double time. 

Can I hire you to come and visit my pet(s) every other day?

We do not offer every other day pet sitting services.  The exception is, of course, house sitting services where there are no pets.  We carry an extensive insurance policy that is designed solely for pet sitters.  As a result we are not able to accommodate E.O.D. services.

Does Kitty Kompany Provide References?

Yes we are happy to provide references upon request.  Please also take a look at our testimonial page to read what our clients say about us!   All Kitty Kompany sub-contractors have provided us with criminal background checks. 

Will we meet the sitter that will be caring for our home and pets?

Your consultation will be booked with the sitter that will be working with you.  The only time another sitter may have to cover is in the event of an emergency.  For example, if one of our sitters has been in a car accident or is suddenly in hospital, we will send another sitter in their place.  Not to worry though, everyone that works with Kitty Kompany is covered bonded and insured. 

Is there a charge for the consultation?

The consult is no charge to you.  There is only a charge when there are more than 7 pets in the home.  In this case there is a fee to do the contracts, and you will be notified upon booking your consultation. 

How long does it take to do the Paperwork and do I have to do it every time I go away?

The contract typically only takes an hour to go through, dependent upon you and how much you want to chat about your fur-kid(s).   Paperwork does roll so you do not have to fill it out each time, however it is mandatory that you, the client, must keep us up to date with any health, feeding, or medication changes.  If you move we will require a new consultation with you. 

How does Kitty Kompany deal with keys?  

Key tags do not have addresses on them and only have your pets name.  Keys can be kept on file, or can be return to you. Key return is $25.  We do NOT, leave keys under mats, mailboxes or with neighbors.  Key pick up will render the same fee. Should you decide to keep your keys on file they are stored in lock boxes at all times.  A key is required at the time of the consultation.

Do my pets have to have up to date Vaccinations?

Strictly indoor cats do not require vaccinations.  Outdoor or roaming cats that are staying indoors while you are away must have vaccinations up to date and we must have a copy of their vaccination record from your veterinarian.

What if my pet is aggressive?

Please be honest with us a the time of your consultation.  If your pet has an aggressive nature there are ways that we should be able to work around it, however, at times it just isn't that straight forward.  If we believe it is not a good fit for us, we simply will not take the job. Keep in mind, at Kitty Kompany we only want what it is best for your pet(s).

What type of payment do you take and when do we pay?

Payment is due up front and in full at your consultation.  If you are a regular client, payment is due at the time of booking.  We accept Cash, E-transfer or Visa/Mastercard.  Credit cards are accepted only for sits over $500. 

What is your refund policy?

We do not give refunds, however if there is an extreme emergency preventing you from your travel plans we will put your payment against your new dates for travel.  Should you decide that you will not be going on the trip we will refund you 50% of your fee, and the remaining will be held as a credit on your account for further travel dates.  We must be notified of your cancellation 2 weeks prior to you leaving in order to receive your refund/credit. 

What happens if my Pet(s) get ill while I am away?

Our first priority is to get in touch with you first.  If it is an emergency, (your pet is what we call "flat out"), we will rush them to the closest emergency clinic.  On your veterinary release you will have filled  in how much you want to spend on vet care.  This is usually the dollar figure between the time we get them to the vet and the time we are able to reach you.  Please keep in mind if you are traveling abroad you may want to increase your amount due to the time difference.  On the last page of your contract there is an addendum itemizing the cost for emergency vet visits with your pets, and travel times. 

Is there an additional charge for medications?

Additional charges may be considered depending on the fur-client.  If your pet is difficult to medicate during the allotted time the additional time will be added to your bill and payment is required upon your return.  You will receive a text message or email from us should this arise. 

** Clients are responsible for confirming when they are home.  If you do not notify us this could incur further charges for needless visits the following day/evening. **