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This is us...

In 2001 I had an amazing opportunity to change my life.  Leave the 12 - 15 hour days behind me, (making other people rich and happy), or stay there being unhappy.  Many years of managing 100's of people, and seeing how businesses are built told me I had the skill to start my own.  With the help of the incredible Douglas College Self Employment Program, and a keen nose for business, I set out to be the first pet sitting company that they had accepted into their program.  The education, and business plan guidance along with ongoing 1 on 1 mentoring was invaluable.  1 year later my course was complete, and I had already taken on 50 new clients.  Kitty Kompany was a success in everyone's eyes, and still is today.  To our delight Kitty Kompany was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006 by Douglas College themselves.  What a night that was....and we continue to endeavor to be the best pet sitting company you could possible hire for your pets, and your home.  Be it the owner, or a sub-contractor our love for pets is unfailing, and our attention to detail and instructions is on point. 
As a pet parent, I have been in your shoes. With 2 cats, one senior and one diabetic, finding care for them was at times more than difficult.  It was because of my sugar cat Katie that I wound up one of the pioneers on the Lower Mainland in the pet sitting industry.  My love of cats, (and all animals), have been integral in our success.  I am passionate about cats, and frankly have been deemed a cat whisperer at times, but I will let you be the judge of that. 
Finding an individual that could not only care for my cats but also be able to administer medications, including insulin, was key to what I was looking for in a quality pet sitter.  Someone that shared the love of cats with me and would treat mine as their own.  This individual was very hard to find.  Out of this Kitty Kompany Professional Pet Sitting Services was established.  Pandemic aside we have been going strong ever since. Be sure to check out our testimonial page to hear what other clients have had to say about our services.
We look forward to meeting you and your pet(s).  Please click on the next button to read about our services. 
P.S. To blow our own horn a little, Kitty Kompany was also voted "Best Home Based Business" by the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce in 2007!
Thank you, for taking the time to read how we came to be...we look forward to hearing about your pets and how you became a family.

Nanny Kristin